Seasonal Decor Storage: Tips and Tricks to Keep it Organized

Seasonal Decor Storage: Tips and Tricks to Keep it Organized

It’s the day after Valentine’s Day, and I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to take down all my decorations and reclaim my space. As a busy parent juggling school drop-offs and daily responsibilities, I’ve learned a thing or two about efficiently storing holiday decor. Today, I want to share some simple tips and tricks to help you organize your seasonal decor, making it a breeze to find next year. It is possible for you to easily decorate your home for each occasion—if you stay organized.


Gather Everything

The first step in the process is gathering all the Valentine’s Day decorations in one place. For me, the dining room table is the perfect spot to lay out everything so I can see it all at once. Find a designated space in your home, whether it’s the living room floor, the kitchen counter, or your bed, and gather your decor there. 


Lindsay gathering decor from around the house


When it comes to storing floral arrangements, I’ve found that under-bed storage containers work wonders. Opt for long and skinny containers to maximize space. To keep things organized, separate your flowers into two bins: one for greenery and the other for the actual flowers. While it can get a bit chaotic in these bins, every 6 months I do cleanup to get rid of any unwanted items. Overall, having separate bins for greenery and flowers simplifies the process of finding what you need for future decorating endeavors. I choose to store these under our bed rather than in the attic so that I can easily access flowers year-round. Certain types of flowers can have multiple-use potential for several different holidays.


Lindsay sorting florals


Now, let’s talk about those beautiful candles that set the mood for your Valentine’s Day celebration. If you have candlesticks with artificial flames, like the ones I use, you can keep them handy in your hall closet. These versatile candles can be used throughout the year, so it’s convenient to have them easily accessible. I strongly advise against storing regular candles in the attic, as they can melt and create a waxy mess. Save yourself the trouble and find a cool and dry place to keep them until the next time that you need them. 


Lindsay sorting candles

Garlands & Other Small Items

For smaller decorative pieces, such as figurines, trinkets, or confetti, I recommend placing them in separate Ziplock bags to prevent them from getting separated. This way, you’ll know exactly where to find them when the time comes to decorate again. Additionally, keeping individual garlands in separate baggies will prevent them from tangling with each other, saving you precious time and frustration when the holiday rolls around next year.


Lindsay sorting smaller items


When it comes to signage, remove any 3M hooks (since you are able to reuse these with other signage) and save the signs for next year. As for the remaining decorations, including signage, gather them all in a large lidded bin that will be stored in the attic until next season. Remember to clean any decorative placemats before placing them in the storage bin to avoid any stickiness or leftover food in the storage bin.


Outdoor Decorations

If you have outdoor porch decorations, like the adorable project that I featured in this video, it’s essential to prepare them for storage properly. For example, if you used rocks to weigh down your decorations to keep them from blowing away (like I did), pour them out and save them for future projects this year, or store them to reuse next year. Place the rocks in a Walmart bag or any other suitable container, and simply use them to weigh down your porch decor when it’s time to set up again. Weighted items are always great to keep around. You can find ways to use them for nearly any occasion.


Larger Items

Bigger (or taller) items might not fit in the storage bin. In these cases, place them in large black trash bags, tie them tightly, and store them in the attic next to your storage bin(s). To keep things organized, label the bags accordingly so you know which items belong together. Using an index card and a sharpie, write the holiday on the card and attach it securely to the bin or bags using shipping tape. This labeling method ensures easy identification and can be switched out for another label in the future if needed.


Lindsay labeling storage bins


One crucial tip before anything goes up to the attic: label everything, and I mean everything! Avoid placing your label on top of the tub, as it may be hidden from view when you stack the tubs. Instead, place the label on the front side of the bin or bag for easy visibility. When stacking the containers, it’s important to keep all your tubs facing the same way in the attic (with the label showing). This way, you’ll always know which side to look at when you need to retrieve some specific holiday decor throughout the year.



By following these simple storage tips, organizing your seasonal decor will be a breeze. You’ll save time and frustration when it’s time to decorate for each occasion, as everything will be neatly stored and labeled. Imagine the joy of effortlessly finding your cherished holiday decorations, knowing exactly where they are and how to access them.

With Valentine’s Day behind us, it’s time to reclaim your space and bid farewell to the decorations. Spending just 45 minutes organizing and storing your Valentine’s Day decor can save you countless hours in the future. You’ll have a system, an order to things, and the peace of mind of knowing that everything is safely tucked away in the attic, ready to be brought out again as each season comes and goes.

So, take a moment to gather your Valentine’s Day decorations, follow these simple storage tips, and enjoy the satisfaction of a clutter-free home. Embrace the ease and efficiency of organizing your seasonal decor and look forward to stress-free decorating in the future. Happy organizing!

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