How To Make A Spiked Ribbon Wreath For Easter

How To Make A Spiked Ribbon Wreath For Easter

Easter Craft: Create a Spiked Ribbon Easter Wreath


With Easter just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to add some festive decorations to your home. If you’re looking for a fun and creative Easter craft, we have just the thing for you – a beautiful spiked ribbon Easter wreath. This DIY project is not only easy to make but also budget-friendly, as most of the materials can be found at Dollar Tree. Get ready to impress your guests with this adorable wreath featuring a cute “Every Bunny Welcome” sign and a variety of ribbons and garland. Let’s dive into the steps and create a delightful Easter wreath that will brighten up your home and spread the holiday cheer!


Lindsay holding sign

Materials You’ll Need

  • “Every Bunny Welcome” Easter-themed sign (from Dollar Tree) or a similar sign
  • Assorted ribbons of various textures and widths (most from Dollar Tree)
  • Easter-themed garland (from Dollar Tree or any suitable garland)
  • Square wreath form (found at Dollar Tree)
  • White or light-colored full-sized pipe cleaners, cut in half
  • Scissors

Various rolls of ribbon

Step 1: Cutting and Preparing the Ribbons

Before we begin crafting the spiky bows, we’ll need to cut and prepare the ribbons. You’ll need a total of seven different ribbons, with varying widths and textures. Most of the ribbons can be sourced from Dollar Tree, but feel free to add a few unique ones from other stores like Michael’s if you desire. Cut the ribbons into 12-inch pieces and add a v-cut to the ends to create a decorative finish.

Crafting a ribbon

Step 2: Crafting the Spiky Bows

Now, let’s create the spiky bows that will adorn our wreath. Start with the 4-inch wide ribbon as the base of the bow. Then, layer two 3-inch ribbons in an “x” shape over the 4-inch ribbon as seen above. Place the last 3-inch ribbon and the 1.5-inch ribbon parallel to the 4-inch ribbon. Gather all the ribbons in the center and use a pre-cut pipe cleaner to secure them together. Repeat this process to create a total of nine spiky bows.


Step 3: Preparing the Wreath Form and Attaching the Sign

Before adding the spiky bows, we’ll first attach the adorable “Every Bunny Welcome” sign to the wreath form. Position the sign as you like on the wreath form and use pipe cleaners to secure it in place. You can see how I chose to position it below. Alternatively, you can use zip-ties or any other suitable attachment material you have available.

Attaching the sign to the wreath form

Step 4: Assembling the Spiky Bows on the Wreath

Now that the sign is attached to the wreath form, let’s start adding the spiky bows. Begin by attaching one of the bows at the top point of the wreath. Continue by attaching bows to the other two corners that are visible and then fill in the rest of the wreath with the remaining bows. Remember to fluff the bows to make the most of the available space.

Lindsay holding a square wreath form

Step 5: Embellishing the Wreath with Easter Garland

To add some extra charm to the wreath, we’ll use the Easter-themed garland. Remove the garland pieces from the string they came attached to. Cut the garland into smaller pieces and create bows with 1/2-inch wide ribbons to garnish each garland piece. Add a touch of cohesion by placing a small cotton ball or white pompom in the center of each bow. Use the leftover string from the garland to tie the garland pieces onto the wreath, covering any remaining gaps.

Lindsay holding an embellishment for the wreath

Finished and hung DIY wreath


With the completion of your spiked ribbon Easter wreath, you’ve not only created a beautiful and charming decoration but also embraced the true spirit of the season – the joy of crafting and the warmth of welcoming loved ones into your home. This DIY project not only allows you to showcase your creativity but also brings a sense of accomplishment as you witness the transformation of simple materials into a piece of Easter decor.

Easter serves as a symbol of renewal and hope, just as spring brings new life to the world. The combination of colorful ribbons and the adorable sign with fluffy-tailed bunnies captures the essence of Easter. As guests approach your door, they will be greeted by festive cheer and the promise of moments spent with family and friends.

Moreover, the joy of crafting is not limited to the final product alone. Throughout the process, you might have experienced a sense of tranquility and relaxation as you cut, arrange, and attach the ribbons and garland to the wreath form. Crafting can be therapeutic, offering an escape from the busyness of daily life and allowing you to immerse yourself in a world of colors and textures.

This Easter wreath is more than just a decoration; it’s a labor of love. The effort and thought you put into it reflect the care and consideration you have for your home and those who enter it. As you share your creation with family and friends, you’ll find that it becomes a topic of conversation and a reminder of the cherished memories made during this special time of the year.

As you proudly display your DIY wreath, you may also be inspired to continue exploring other creative projects and crafts. The joy of crafting is not limited to Easter; it can be a year-round pursuit that brings fulfillment and happiness. So, whether it’s a wreath for another holiday, handmade gifts for loved ones, or artistic endeavors purely for the joy of creating, let your imagination run wild and continue to make beautiful and meaningful creations.

As the Easter season approaches, take pride in your homemade Easter wreath. Share your crafting journey with friends and family, and perhaps even encourage them to embark on their own creative adventures. This delightful wreath will not only spread Easter cheer but also serve as a reminder of the joy that comes from crafting something with your own hands and heart.

Hang your wreath with pride, knowing that it represents more than just an Easter decoration – it symbolizes your creativity, love, and the welcoming spirit of your home. Happy Easter and happy crafting! May this season bring you joy and blessings.

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