Moving Day Survival Kit: What to Give Your Friends and Family When They Are Moving

Moving Day Survival Kit: What to Give Your Friends and Family When They Are Moving

Moving Day Bucket: A Thoughtful Housewarming Gift


Moving into a new house can be an exciting yet overwhelming experience. The joy of starting afresh in a new space is often accompanied by the stress of packing and unpacking belongings. When we moved into our new house, we found ourselves facing the challenge of missing essential items on the very first night. It made us realize the importance of having a moving day bucket – a thoughtful gift containing all the necessities for a smooth transition into a new home. In this article, I will show you how to create a moving day bucket filled with practical and useful items, all of which can be found at Dollar Tree. This simple yet thoughtful gesture can be a great way to support friends and family who are moving houses and ensure they have everything they need for a comfortable first night in their new home.

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Essential Cleaning Supplies

First and foremost, a clean living space is vital for a fresh start. In the moving day bucket, start by including essential cleaning supplies that your friends will need to make their new house feel like home. Head to the Dollar Tree and pick up an all-purpose cleaner to tackle various surfaces in their new abode. Also, consider adding a toilet bowl cleaner, ensuring that the bathroom is spotless and ready for use.

Bathrooms are essential areas of any home, and so is hand soap. Having a fresh bar or bottle of hand soap ready to use will be greatly appreciated by your friends, especially after a long and tiring moving day. Since the bathroom is still the focus, don’t forget to include a shower curtain and shower curtain rings. You can imagine how inconvenient it is to not have a shower curtain on the very first night in a new house. By providing these simple items, you’re saving your friends from unnecessary stress and helping them settle in more comfortably. Lastly, add a roll of toilet paper – a small yet crucial detail that can easily be overlooked during the chaos of moving.

Lindsay holding shower curtain and shower rings

Lindsay holding Dial hand soap

Towels and Washcloths

Moving into a new house often means misplaced belongings. Help your friends avoid the frustration of searching for towels and washcloths by including these items in the moving day bucket. Grab a pack of microfiber washcloths that are versatile and great for cleaning surfaces, and add a kitchen towel for their cooking needs. Kitchen towels are essentials that often get misplaced during a move, so your thoughtful gift will come in handy.

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General Cleaning Wipes and Kitchen Essentials

To make cleaning a breeze, include some good all-purpose cleaning wipes in the bucket. These will allow your friends to quickly wipe down counters, surfaces, and other areas without much hassle.

In the kitchen, dish soap and sponges are essential items that can be easily forgotten in the midst of packing and unpacking. Ensure that your friends have these kitchen essentials readily available for their first night.

Additionally, think about the little things that can make a big difference. Include some plastic cups in the bucket, as they can be a lifesaver for children who are thirsty after a long moving day. These cups will allow them to stay hydrated until the rest of the kitchen items are unpacked.


A Tasty Dinner

After a day of moving, everyone will surely be hungry and tired. Consider adding a gift card to a local pizza place like Domino’s, or even better, a homemade dinner voucher from you. This thoughtful gesture will give your friends a much-needed break from cooking and allow them to enjoy a delicious meal on their first night in their new home. Attach the gift card or voucher to the side of the bucket with a ribbon, making it easily visible and accessible amidst all the other home supplies.

Lindsay holding a Domino's Pizza gift card


Moving into a new house is a significant life event, and supporting friends and family during this transition can be a heartwarming experience. By creating a moving day bucket filled with essential items from Dollar Tree, you can make the first night in their new home more comfortable and stress-free. From cleaning supplies to towels, kitchen essentials to a tasty dinner, each item in the bucket serves a purpose and shows your thoughtfulness and care. This small yet meaningful gesture will be appreciated and remembered by your friends as they embark on a new chapter in their lives. So, the next time someone close to you is moving into a new house, consider putting together a moving day bucket to help them feel at home from the very first moment.

Lindsay holding the completed moving day bucket

Want More Ideas?

Beyond the moving day bucket, there are several other items that are worth considering when moving into a new home. These items can make the transition smoother and help turn unfamiliar surroundings into a comfortable and functional living space for your friends and family.


1. Basic Kitchen Supplies

In addition to dish soap and sponges, there are other kitchen essentials that your friends may need on their first day in their new home. A can opener, for instance, is often overlooked but can be essential for opening canned goods or even a box of moving snacks. Include some basic cooking utensils like a spatula, a ladle, and a serving spoon. A set of disposable plates, cups, and cutlery can also be a great help before they unpack their kitchenware.


2. Bedding and Linens

A cozy bed to rest in is crucial after a long and exhausting moving day. Make sure your friends have clean and comfortable bedding on hand by providing them with fresh bedsheets and pillowcases. Towels for both bathing and drying hands could also be included in the essentials kit.


3. Basic Tools

Moving into a new home often involves assembling furniture or making small adjustments. Consider including some basic tools such as a screwdriver set, a hammer, and a tape measure. These tools will prove handy for any immediate fixes or installations they might need to do.


4. Snacks and Beverages

Unpacking can work up an appetite, and having some snacks and beverages readily available can be a lifesaver. Include non-perishable snacks like granola bars, nuts, and crackers. Bottled water, energy drinks, or their favorite beverage will also be a thoughtful addition to keep them energized throughout the day.


5. Flashlights and Batteries

Before unpacking all the boxes, it’s likely that your friends will be navigating their new home in the dark. Providing them with a flashlight and some spare batteries can be a lifesaver, especially if they haven’t had a chance to set up their lighting fixtures yet.


6. Bedside Lamps or Nightlights

Alongside a flashlight, consider adding a small bedside lamp or a nightlight to the moving day bucket. This will help your friends feel more at ease in their new surroundings and make navigating the house during the night easier.


7. Personal Care Items

Personal care items are easily overlooked in the chaos of moving. Include a toiletry kit with essentials like toothpaste, toothbrushes, shampoo, and body wash. A comb and a pack of tissues can also be handy additions to the kit.


8. First Aid Kit

Accidents can happen during the moving process. Be prepared by providing a basic first aid kit with band-aids, antiseptic wipes, pain relievers, and other essential medical supplies.


9. Extension Cords and Power Strips

It’s common to find that the electrical outlets in a new home may not be conveniently located. Providing extension cords and power strips can help your friends set up their electronics and appliances without struggling to find accessible outlets.


10. Trash Bags

After a day of unpacking, there’s bound to be a mountain of cardboard boxes and packing materials. Including some trash bags in the moving day bucket will encourage your friends to keep their new home tidy and organized from the very start.

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