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How to Revive and Fluff Smashed Silk Flowers


How to Revive and Fluff Smashed Silk Flowers

Silk flowers can look so beautiful, yet they can also easily become smashed. The good news? I have figured out a couple of easy ways to revive silk flowers when they become smushed, bent, or otherwise ruined. Below, I share two different methods to re-fluff silk flowers as well as the tools needed for the job so that they can be used once again for another occasion.


What Do I Need?

First, you’ll want to make sure that you have the correct supplies that will help you to get the best results. Here are the two things that you will need: 

  • A hairdryer with some type of diffuser attachment

I have the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer, and I absolutely love it!

  • A good-quality steamer

I have this steamer from Amazon, and it has worked amazingly well for me.

Determining the Problem

Next, you will need to determine the problem. There are two possible scenarios that can coincide separately or together. I purchased my silk flowers from Dollar Tree, and when I bought them, they were already smashed. This is what mine looked like before fluffing it:


Lindsey holding a smushed silk flower, pointing to the stem


Take a look at your flower. Every silk flower is made up of two parts: the stem and the petals. At the top of the stem are plastic leaves that help connect the petals to the stem. The first possible scenario is that this part of the flower has been squashed, making the flower appear more oval-like than circular. The second possible issue is that the flower petals themselves can be smashed together, bent, or warped in some way. Determine which of these issues you have, or if both problems are present. In my case, both issues were present.


How to Fix It

If your problem is with the plastic stem/leaves of the flower, pull out your blow dryer! Make sure to set it on low, and make sure you are using some type of diffuser attachment. Whatever you have on hand will work great. Hold the flower upright and spin it between your fingers while letting the warm air from the dryer slowly warm up the plastic. Only do this for a minute or so–you don’t want the plastic to become too hot, or even melt.

Once the plastic has warmed up, it will become more pliable. Use your hands to mush it into the proper position, and make sure you smush it in every direction. The goal is to create a flower that is less oblong and more circular, just like a real flower.

If your problem is with the silk petals, then pull out your steamer. Remember, steamers were created to get rid of wrinkles in any type of fabric. Personally, I have used my steamer for many different things. From curtains to bedspreads, to clothes, and more, my steamer has come in handy. Since the flower petals are made of fabric, you can also use a steamer on them!


Lindsey holding a silk flower, blowing steam from her steamer into the petals of the silk flower


First, turn your steamer on. Once there is a steady flow of steam, with one hand hold your steamer, and with the other, hold your flower sideways so that the steam flows directly into the petals. Spin the flower between your fingers as the steam works its magic on the petals. You don’t need to do this for long. In less than a minute, you should already see the flower starting to open up. Once you see this happening, turn off the steamer and go in with your fingers. You can pull apart petals that are stuck together as well as puff up petals that are bent over or smashed. 


Lindsey holding a smushed silk flower, showing it to the camera


At this point, the flower will have almost doubled in size from where it was before using these techniques!


Lindsey holding a silk flower that has been steamed and revived. She it pointing it towards the camera.


Silk flowers are some of the best decorations for your home, to include in a wreath, or to use in lieu of a traditional wedding bouquet or wedding flowers! Even so, they are some of the most fragile replacements for real flowers. Being able to re-fluff and revive them so that they can be used more than once saves both money and time searching for new artificial flowers.

I hope this blog post has helped you learn how you can revive and puff up your old silk flowers, regardless of the issue at hand! Make sure you pop over to my YouTube channel to check out my silk flowers video, you might even find another quick tip that is helpful to you.


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